Month: July 2017

There are just so many places to go and drink wine in London.  There’s always a new bar or the new latest restaurant.  But what if you just want a reasonably priced drink, decent wine and people that know what they’re talking about?  Where do you go then?​ London Wine Week A few weeks ago, […]
champagne corks wallpaper hd 1350404
I recently visited Céret in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France.  You can see my blog here.  Whilst famous for Collioure and Banyuls wine, it is also a large cork producing area.  Cork is harvested exclusively from the Cork Oak, Quercus Suber, found predominantly in the Mediterranean region. Though the tree can flourish in many climates, the […]
Le Village de Roussillon (An eternal ocher spot)
​Recently I was lucky enough to spend a sun-kissed week in the beautiful town of Céret in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France.  Being only three miles from the Spanish border, we flew into Barcelona and drove the 110km to Céret but you could also fly into Perpignan which is about 45 mins drive away.  At […]